Thursday, June 21, 2007


Whew, that was a little unplanned vacation from Blogland. Sorry, in case anyone was actually checking!

In knitting news, Nettie II, The Beach Bag is almost finished. The pattern is written out but needs a couple modifications. I am going to write it to make the bag a bit bigger since the one I have made is a bit smaller than I would like. The kids' knitting classes are planned, mostly. I am a bit nervous that the LYS hasn't yet sent out the email advertising these classes that are supposed to start in July! But who am I to criticize others for procrastination? (Sockapalooza socks? What Sockapalooza socks?)

Speaking of Sockapalooza, I am being put to shame. People are finishing their socks left and right, and I haven't even got the colors worked out yet. Check it. The people in brown have finished. Others have finished as well, they just haven't updated their info yet. (Yes, you, Caitlin.)

In the promises department, I probably completely freaked out a fellow blogger by asking for the following email to be sent to me so I could post it here, then totally failing to follow through by actually posting said email. So here it is, and hopefully Tracy will see I am not some psycho cyber-stalker.


Subject: My campaign for Gleaners
From: Darlene P.

Dear Friends and Family Members,

As you probably know, I have the honor of working in the development department at Gleaners to raise funds on behalf of our hungry neighbors in southeast Michigan . I am usually writing grants or corporate solicitations, but everyone in the development department has been asked to come up with creative ideas to help raise funds so we can meet our budget for our fiscal year ending June 30. I decided to do a friends and family campaign via e-mail.

I hope you will help make it successful with a generous gift or pledge! My goal is to raise $10,000. I ask that after you make your gift that you also ask one or more of your friends or family members to contribute by forwarding my email to them along with your personal note. If you haven't participated in a "viral" campaign before, you will be surprised at how generously people respond. I need your help to reach my goal, so please consider asking a friend or family member.

Our entire region in southeast Michigan is really struggling, and I would be grateful for your help.

Please click on the Donate Now button or link below to make a gift by credit card or call 866-GLEANERS, ext 241. You may also mail your gift to Gleaners, 2131 Beaufait, Detroit MI 48207. And if you can't donate right now, your pledge will count toward our current budget.

Please mention Darlene's Campaign in the comment section if you donate online or on your check in the memo section.

Many thanks in advance for your help!



Whew, just in time. Gleaners' fiscal year ends in 9 short days, so please donate if you can. Thanks.


Khadijha Caitlin said...

Yes I'm reading and I check every day!
How do you change your sock status? I have no clue!

Devine said...

Hey you didn't freak me out! Thanks for posting this. I hope my mom's campaign continues to do well, and that people will give all that they can. If people read your blog and donate, they can e-mail me at tracy -at- gmail -dot- com and I will raffle off my lovely fleece artist yarn!