Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nine? NINE?! oy

The swatch I posted (rather emotionally about) yesterday for Sockapalooza was on size 2s and a bit loose for socks. So I did another one on size 1s and got nine stitches per inch.

Nine. NINE, people!

I don't even knit that tightly!

Using Wendy's method (scroll down to "Detailed Toe-Up Sock Pattern" and download the PDF), that means 75 stitches around for my sock pal's socks! That's a lot of stitches. The Yarn Harlot likes to calculate exactly how many stitches she has ahead of her during a project. My theory? That way crazy lives. No WAY do I want to know how many stitches I have to put into these things!

On the happy side, the stockinette swatch was pretty stretchy, and lace tends to be stretchy, so I can probably fudge these down a bit further to 72, and use 8 repeats of Vine Lace pattern around the cuff, and 4 across the instep. So that works out. I am very happy that I'll be able to use the Vine Lace. Otherwise I'd have to decide on a different pattern, and then all the dyeing drama would have been for nothing!

Another happy thing is that my sock pal likes her socks on the shorter side. Whew!


Khadijha Caitlin said...


heather t said...

I know! I was reading the pligg, and someone said her pals wants KNEE SOCKS! Who requests knee socks from a total stranger, especially know how much work goes into socks?

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Sock yarn is expensive enough!
That person is crazy!

Knitterary said...

Whoo. Nine is a lot. That's the gauge I get with Lorna's Laces, and it always seems to take forever to knit LL socks.

But the lace will help it go faster.

The_Add_Knitter said...

I love the Wendy method, toe up is the way to go!!