Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lack of SockaProgress

But we have a plan...

I still want to dye my own yarn for Sockapalooza. I still want to do a purple-blue sort of combination. Still want to do Vine Lace.

If I quit with the dyeing experiments now and just use the purple portions of the Experiment, that will work. I'm not sure about the striping portion, tho. Should it stripe or should it just be mottled shades of purple? I liked how the striping worked out, but not sure if it works with the vision in my head for these socks.

Also, now that I know I can make the self-striping yarn, I am leaning away from using it for Sockapalooza. This is pretty typical thought process for me. One personality profile for my type said that once we think through a process, that can be as satisfying as actually having done the project. So true.

The Backup Plan: Trekking! I couldn't stop petting it in the LYS last week, it had to come home with me. It's #184, shades of blue and green, which my buddy likes. I haven't worked with Trekking before, but it seems to get much love from the blogosphere.

The Backup Backup Plan - Louet Gems Sportweight. Louet Gems is soooo beautiful. I hadn't seen it before last week in my LYS. Sportweight because it will knit up faster than sock weight, AND I should only need one skein of sportweight vs. two of sock weight. I hope I am figuring that right - it doesn't seem to make sense, but there it is.

The LYS lady told me they had a customer come in and buy two skeins of every Louet Gems color in fingering weight. They thought she was going to knit a WHOLE BUNCH of socks, but no. She said she just likes them! Must be nice...

Last night I was bored and a little cranky, so I started a worsted weight sock for me. It is knitting up super fast - here's the pattern.

So rare that I have (or can afford!) the exact yarn specified in the pattern. But Hubs bought this for me for our anniversary last year (along with my first Alpaca blend that I am terrified to use, lol). I even have it in the same color as the photo.

Caitlin gave me some nice compliments about this blog. Thanks! It's nice to know at least one person is out there reading. But even if not, a blog is a nice place to work out some thoughts on things.

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The dragon line is a rough approximation of a quote from Dragonswan. I've never read the book - just saw the quote somewhere and liked it.