Friday, June 8, 2007


So, of course, the best thing to do when overwhelmed?

Catch up on the knitting blogs.

Lots going on here:

I heard from one of the jobs I recently applied for, and have an interview set up for next week. (One more step away from retail - I hope!)

I have to finish (start) a pattern for a net beach bag for the yarn store so I can teach the class I scheduled for July. It's in the thinking stages; time to sit down with some yarn and needles and get to it. Let's set the deadline at June 15, so the yarn store can see that, yes, I actually have a project to teach. (Although if I start tonight, and it works, I can show them something tomorrow when I go in for their Knit In Public Day Sale.)

Need to solidify the projects/schedule/materials lists, etc., etc., many details for the kids' knitting classes at LYS. Oh, and those start in July. eek.

I need to finish with the Kool-Aid dye experiments, already, and start dyeing my Sockapalooza yarn. Just under 8 weeks until the socks are to be mailed (August 2). (Oh, hey, lots of time there, lol!)

In addition, this summer I need to finish the recycled navy sweater for Girl, and make the long-promised Jimmy Neutron sweater for Boy1. He is a science nut and loves both Jimmy Neutron and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I guess I should be glad he didn't ask for a knitted lab coat.

Then it's on to dragon mittens and sweater for Boy2, plus some sort of cropped sweater for myself. I have about a bajillion patterns bookmarked, but just... can't... decide... And maybe somewhere in there, I can find the time to knit Hubs a pair of socks.

Tomorrow is Knit in Public Day. Go knit something! In public!

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Khadijha Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh we're both busy gals!

Keep me up to date on the Jimmy Neutron sweater. My son wants a Ben 10 one. We'll see - Maybe this fall.