Friday, March 28, 2008

FOto Friday, March 28, 2008

Here's what my 6yo son's been working on over spring break:

Lego Wii controls
Wii made from Lego. Inspired by a YouTube video.

The Walk-Through Paper Trick was not as impressive as I'd hoped. I need to find a better audience.

Maybe if I try it in 3D. Oh, wait.

We got two more inches of snow overnight. This weather can take a flying leap. I like snow... IN THE WINTER.

snow shadow
Pretty shadow.

daffs in snow
Daffodils: We're here! It's spring, everybo... What the heck?

Baby J's Bib O'Love

Baby J's Bib
Jumped off from MDK's Baby Bib O'Love - garter border with creamy stockinette center and reverse stockinette "J". Now I need to make one with an N - a much trickier letter to graph (maybe - think fearless!). Subversive Knitting has a great tutorial on single-crochet edging. It was quick and easy and I will do it again! It really helped tie the bib together since the straps were a different color than the main bib part. I might even give this to the intended recipient. Yarn: Sugar n'Cream in random colors.

Baby J is also supposed to get a quilt, which is actually cranking along pretty well and is at the sandwich stage.

Oh, and a Mystery FO! I finished my scarf for the MMRA&SE! I love how it turned out. I'll try to get a couple photos before I send it off to the frozen north.

A couple weeks ago I dropped a bomb here about my marriage, then switched to radio silence on the topic. Well, it's official, kinda. He's decided to move out. It's been a long time coming, actually. I was not completely shocked, and even the kids seem to be doing pretty well. Not sure where it will all end up, but I'm trying to get my papers and finances in order so I can be as prepared as I can be for whatever comes next. So that's that. This is not going to turn into "Tinky McSeparated" or anything, but thought you might appreciate the update.


Anonymous said...

The caption on the daffodils photo was hilarious. Yeah, I agree that snow is wonderful in the WINTER.

The bib is so cute!

Appreciate the update about the situation and that everyone is hanging in there. My thoughts are with you and your kids! My sister is going through something similar right now.

Fiber Chic said...

I was greatly entertained by the caption under the daffodils picture.
Good thoughts coming your way!

Celena said...

Wow it looks cold there! :waves from sunny florida:

Keep your chin up! Everything happens for a reason. :hugs: