Sunday, June 24, 2007

Promises Update * Meet Nettie * Houston, We Have Purple

Warning: Randomness ahead, but, hey! Pictures!

If you donated to Gleaners of Southeast Michigan, email Tracy at Tracy -at- gmail -dot- com (you know the drill) and let her know. She is giving away a GORGEOUS prize to one donor.


Meet Nettie...

Nettie II, she is done! Mwah! I am going to make the bag body a little longer and the handle a little shorter. (Note to self: cotton stretches. A lot.) I'll post the pattern once I'm done teaching the class. That just seems more fair to those who pay to take the class. Confession: I'm nervous that no one will sign up! In that case, I'll post the pattern here sooner.

Look how cute - she matches my ironing board cover!

Yarn: Lily Sugar 'n Cream in colors Hot Blue (solid) and Summer Splash (varigated)
Fiber: 100% cotton
Needles: Straight size 8 (US) and 15 (US)
Pattern: Mine! (proud mama) Will be posted here by August if not sooner.
Started: June 9 (ish)
Finished: June 16
Learned: How to make a pattern that makes sense (we hope).


Houston, We Have Purple Sock Yarn

I am out of my Sockapalooza denial and have dyed the yarn! It took way more time and Kool-Aid than I thought, but I'm sure that's due to lack of experience dyeing multicolored yarn. I used 6 packs of Grape, two packs of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade, one pack of Strawberry Lemonade, and one pack of Berry Blue. I can't even walk you through the process because it got pretty random by the end. The "planned" stage ended up WAY more red-purple than I wanted, so in the end I doused the whole thing with the two shades of blue and called it done. It's on the drying rack right now. If it's ugly, I'll keep it and use either my pretty Trekking or some Louet Gems for my pal. (Probably the Louet Gems. Probably sportweight.)

The dyed yarn - still damp. I think it will lighten up when it dries.

There's the Trekking on the upper right. I HAD to pull out the center as soon as it was officially mine. (It's an obsession.) The two brighter cottons are what I used for Nettie.

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