Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yow, I'm so excited! Here are some photos of the self-striping Grapevine Test Yarn...

Draining in the sink after washing:

On the drying rack (a little tangled, but no felting, thank goodness):

Blurry ball photo (adding ball winder and better camera to wishlist):

Swatchy joy:

The swatch is done in two repeats of vine lace with 3 stockinette stitches on either side as a border. We likes. We likes so much, we knits new scarf. (Super-long swatch = scarf. I just can't stop knitting it.)

And I have to plug the Paton's Classic Merino. This yarn has behaved so well, through the unwinding and the balling and the skeining and the dyeing and the reskeining and the overdyeing, and especially the poking with a spoon when the dye wouldn't absorb. I was sure it would felt after that, but no. It is lovely and soft, easy to find, and not very expensive.

Still not sure about the colors tho. My sock pal likes jewel tones, and these are a bit subdued. The green is rather mossy, even muddy in some lights. I may have to mix up some more Kool-Aid and try again. In the meantime, I am keeping my eyes open. If I see the *perrrrrrfect* sock yarn at a reasonable price, I may pick that up instead.

And I am totally going to make more self-striping yarn.

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Khadijha Caitlin said...

Congrats! It looks beautiful!!!!