Saturday, November 17, 2007


Celena asked about the mitten pattern I used for Boy1's mittens. Honestly, I just kinda cobbled together the sizing from a knit-flat pattern and the method from a knit-round pattern. So I don't have a real pattern, but I did take notes. And right there at the top of my notes, it says "S mittens," so Smittens they are. Here's what I did (with tips to change it for your needs):

Sized for small-to-average 6 year old boy, about 8 inches (20 cm?) long total

worsted-weight wool or wool blend yarn
set of 4 dpns, size 6 (US; will add mm later)
2-3 stitch markers
stitch holder, extra dpn, cable needle, or largeish safety pin

Gauge? Nag me; I'll add it later.

CO 30 (I originally cast on 33, which made mittens big enough for me to wear. Frogged. I used the backward loop or half-hitch cast on - I find it to be very flexible and stretchy. I use it on all my socks too.)

Divide evenly over 3 dpns

Join/don't twist (you may want to mark the start of your round)

K1 row (my own personal bug - trying to rib knit that first row after CO is a pain.)

K1, P1 rib stitch until cuff is about 2 inches long (I did 2-1/2" on the Ironstone pair - a big longish for my taste)

K 4 rows stockinette (One pattern called for 2 stockinette rows, too small. The other called for 6 stockinette rows, too big. 4? Just right.)

Thumb gusset:

K 14, place marker, kfb 2x, place marker (4 st between markers), k 14 to beginning of round

Row A - K all

Row B - K 14, slip marker, kfb, knit remaining stitches until one stitch before marker, kfb, slip marker, K 14. (You are increasing by 2 stitches between the markers every other row to make the thumb gusset.)

Alternate Row A & Row B until 12 stitches between markers.

End thumb gusset, begin palm

K 13, kfb

Slip marker off, slip thumb stitches to holder/spare dpn/whatever, slip 2nd marker off. Ignore these for now.

Continue working off that same needle you just slipped the markers and stitches from, kfb the next stitch after the thumb gusset, working as close as you can to the previous kfb to minimize holes later. Finish working stitches on that needle; you should have 10 on each working needle.

Continue working in the round, ignoring the thumb stitches, until hand measures 5" long from top of cuff (not from cast on).

Begin top shaping:

K1, k2tog all around, 20 stitches on needles (you may have to slip a stitch from one holding needle to the next to work the kfb in the right place)

Next round: K all

K2, (k2tog, k1)* to end of round (I think there is one extra stitch, just knit it)

Next round: K all

K2tog, K1 next round, ending K2tog

K one more plain round if you feel it's necessary.

Cut/break yarn, leaving 8 inch tail. Weave tail through live stitches and draw up to complete mitten top. Weave in tail.


Warning: this is nutsy - I think I did it differently on every mitten!

Basically tho, knit 6 st off your holding needle onto a dpn. Knit next 6 stitches off your holding needle onto a dpn. Pick up stitches between the two ends of the thumb gusset. The amount will depend on how big those holes are where you joined the round after slipping the gusset onto the holder. I picked up 6, which made 18 st on needles, but that was too many, so on the next round, I k2tog across 3rd needle, leaving 3 st on 3rd needle. Then I shuffled stitches around again so I had 15 total, 3 per needle.

K about 3-4 rounds. (Told ya.)

Decrease (somewhat) evenly using 3 decrease rounds with a plain round between each. (See? Wonky.)

Break yarn, leaving decent tail; thread through live stitches and draw together to close end of thumb.

Ok, so maybe I lost 95% of my interest by the time I got to the thumb. Just wanted them done already. And it's a good thing the crease between the thumb and the palm is the warmest area because my Smittens have holes there. Better knitters may have better results!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this :) I may have to try them for Pookie (a smaller version).

Fiber Chic said...

Smart name!

Celena said...

Hey thanks!! :)

Kenyetta said...

Thanks for the pattern, will add them to my to do list, hopefully they won't be an UFOctober 2008!