Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quilt Madness

Gateway textiles:

Two dinner napkins bought on clearance. They sure look innocent, don't they?

Quickly leads to this:

CAUTION: Fabric stashing in progress.

Ok, I know I take terrible photos. If you thought those were bad, check out this attempt at artistry:

Natural sunlight is no match for complete lack of talent and a really cheap camera.

The result:

The Napkin Quilt

And reverse:

Happy 10th, M&J.

The next quilt:

Baby quilt for a friend. Guess I shoulda unwrapped the remnant piece first, huh?


Celena said...

i absolutely love that quilt! beautiful! i do a little quilting myself from time to time but haven't worked on anything recently. it's been all about the knitting and yarn dyeing around here. :)

Mary Mary said...

I love the colors on your napkin quilt, they're grougeous! I can't say I have yet mastered the art of using my sewing machine...someday...