Friday, November 30, 2007

Ironstone Colorchanges: Yarn in Review

In brief - I love this yarn.

Vital stats:

53% wool, 47% acrylic

100 yards

50 grams

Recommended gauge is 10 st = 3" with a #11 needle. I've been knitting hats and mittens with it on size 6 dpns. It makes a nice dense fabric, but not too stiff. I haven't tried washing it, so who knows? Maybe it poofs way out once washed.

Handwash in cool water or dry clean.

I keep finding good things about it. Sorry I keep comparing it to Noro Kureyon. I love Noro, and this yarn looks a lot like it on the shelf.

1. It's not very expensive - about $6 (US) per ball.

2. It stripes like Noro Kureyon - the color changes may be slightly shorter than Noro, but it has the same gradual blend effect.

3. It is not (very) itchy.


5. Easy to hand-wind. For Knitters Without Winders, this is a great feature. The yarn comes as a loose ball, which is fine, but I was looking for the color repeat, so I have wound 4 balls of this by hand recently. It has not tangled. Not once. Awesome.

6. It is spun more consistently than Noro Kureyon - same springy single-strand worsted spin (someone correct me if I am not using the term worsted correctly in relation to how yarn is spun).

Anything I don't like?

1. It doesn't break because of the acrylic content. Slightly inconvenient, but I can live with it.

2. Either the color pattern doesn't repeat, or the repeat is over 300 yards long, because I wasn't able to find the repeat after hand-winding three balls of yarn. (I was trying to match the Mumma Smittens.)

Bottom line: Would I buy this again?

I would. Especially if I see it on sale! One ball is enough for a pair of kid mittens, two makes adult mittens.


Celena said...

i'm gonna have to get my hands on some of that yarn. sounds great!

Anonymous said...

OOOh! This yarn sounds nice, unfortunately I don't think I am going to be able to get any of it by midnight, which is when my self imposed yarn diet goes into effect. Though it I ordered it online it would still have been purchased before December first...

It sounds like a great alternative to Noro. I love how Noro looks but touch it and lose the love. Is it less harsh feeling than Noro?

knitseashore said...

I love a good yarn with no grass!

Cari said...

No grass is a definite improvement over Noro

Fiber Chic said...

Knitters Without Winders--I love that! I'm a Knitter Without a Winder as well...We should make a group on Ravelry (just a silly one) and call it KWW--we could share tips on how we wind our yarn...I just realizaed how weird this sounds. I'll be quiet now.