Friday, November 30, 2007

Lamest KnitBlog Ever Award

Just kidding, but I sure feel like I deserve it. No FOto Friday last week, no FOto Friday this week. Ugh.

The only thing I've finished since the Smittens are the matching hat for the blue-grey pair, and two dyed skeins of sock yarn.

That was a moral dilemma. I dyed the two skeins in the same session, one for my swap partner and one for me. The colorway I designed for my sock partner turned out to be the one I liked best. The one I designed for me seemed boring by comparison. Just how bad did my swap partner hate yellow? And does she really like burgundy? Or would she think the yarn was really more of a red and hate it anyway?

I ended up sending the yarn I designed for her. I hope she loves it as much as I did.

I am working on a pair of mom-size Smittens for me, using Ironstone Colorchanges in color #561 (heh, that link refers to this color as "Jabberwocky." Sweet!). Here are the modifications so far:

CO 36 instead of 30

2.5" cuff

6 stockinette rows before thumb gusset (I originally forgot to put these rows in, but I need them for comfy mittens!)

Increase gusset until 16 st between markers

Adjusted length to fit (duh).

I think I picked up 4 st when picking up for the thumb, then decreased 2 (Told ya this was wonky the first time - it persists in its wonkiness.)

I still have holes at the thumb too. So irritating.


November Goals Update


1. Complete and mail yarn for Hand-Dyed Sock Yarn Swap (the one I wasn't going to join any more of). Deadline - Nov 30 Mailed 11/29

2. Grey/blue mittens for Boy1 (blue yarn is dyed) done

3. Finish Jaywalkers - I am so sick of these.

4. Start Jimmy Neutron Sweater - still not started


1. Reorganize fabric stash by weight and color (probably some mental quilt planning here too) - HA HA HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ok, I did manage to drag everything out and turn my craft corner into an even bigger mess.

2. Finish quilt-in-progress. Deadline: November 10 (working on the final binding tonight) done in time! They loved it!

3. Review pajama needs for Boy2 and proceed accordingly. this is done, but I ended up buying pajamas for him

Thinking about December goals. My first one is to actually post them. ha!

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