Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Love

You're going somewhere with friends. A party, perhaps. You might meet someone special. Or you might not. But the potential is there, the anticipation, the nerves.

Yep, I placed another Knit Picks order last week.

You see some new faces across the room. One, in particular, catches your eye.

Your eyes meet.

It's green. And blue. Son 1's favorite colors.

Right away, you know this is someone Special.

Knit Picks had an early batch of Essential Multi go wonky on the color, so it was on sale as a "special" dye lot.

You work up the nerve to head over there. Before you know it, you're deep in conversation about Life, The Universe, And Everything.

My gauge with KPE = 9 spi; son1's foot is 6.5 inches around = 58.5 stitches; subtract 10% for negative ease = 52.7; round # of stitiches to be divisible by 4 = 52.>

They say something that doesn't sit quite right.

52 divided by 4 = 13. 13? So I'd have to... ? And then I'd have to...?

You decide to overlook it for now and find out more.

Cast on 52 stitches.

The conversation continues deep into the night. Finally, sadly, it is time to part. Will it happen?

(Will it be good?)


Mmm. It's good. Sure, things could go wrong. You know in your head that a good kiss isn't a perfect indicator of a good relationship, but for now?

This could be the start of something beautiful.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Your approach to deciding how many stitches to cast on is better than mine. Lately I have had a habit of just guessing based on my past socks.

If I did it the right way I wouldn't have to frog so much (or give my socks to my mother who has wider feet than I do).

I saw that batch of yarn on sale at Knit Picks and almost bought some myself, but I demonstrated a (little) will power and didn't.

heather t said...

Thanks, heather. That method comes from Wendy of, and it works well for growing kid feet and unknown entities (like my sockapalooza pal).