Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fake Plastic Friends Can Be a Good Thing

I've been outted - hooray!

Beth from Fake Plastic Fish has a recent post about the reusable bag bandwagon, and provides some excellent food for thought.

And she mentions the new project I hinted about a couple days ago: the Make-A-Bag-Along! This is a new blog where people can get ideas and patterns for homemade reusable shopping bags, and will probably expand into ideas on being more green in general.

I am really excited about this project. If anyone wants to submit project patterns, photos, or guest blogs, contact me at makeabag at yahoo dot com. Guest submissions will receive full credit, of course.


Khadijha Caitlin said...

I just love the new blog! Very cool and I can't wait to explore it some more!!!!

Fiber Chic said...

Interesting idea........When I was first starting out to knit, I made a little mat out of completely recycled materials, including old sheets and old grocery bags--I was going to make a bag, but didn't have enough supplies-or patience! :)