Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More Handmade Toys - Free Knit Pattern Alert!

Today on Knitting Daily, Sandi talks about her beloved stuffed purple cow, Cowie, that she had growing up. I'm sure we all had a favorite soft toy when we were kids, and many of us still have ours! (Yes, me too.)

I love this quote from Sandi: "Knit a toy for a child, and maybe someday they'll be all grownup like me, digging through their basement searching for the one denizen of Toyland who really mattered to them their whole life long."

(You're not alone, Sandi. You're not alone.)

Knitting Daily has a free pattern for knitted animals - bear, kitty, or bunny. And a crocheted Lamb, too!

Here's a couple more free patterns for toys from Knitty.com:


(Yeah, they're both cats. It's probably a knitter thing.)


M said...

Glad you liked the quote! I got it from the Weekend knitting book.

heather t said...

(I think M is referring to the Rose Wilder Lane quote in my header, not the quote from Sandi in this post. It took me a few minutes to figure that out; maybe you are a little smarter.)