Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, I finished my latest yarn-dyeing adventure: a self-striping mess in pink, purple, red, and two shades of blue. Yeah, baby. Bringin' sexy back to the yarn.

Now, I know, people, that a new pair of socks is not on my UFOctober Official Exceptions List, so let's just say I have been thinking about patterns.

And maybe doing some swatching.

Just a little swatching.

(Certainly not the start of a toe or anything. Nuh-uh. Not me. And the "swatch," big ball o' mess, and 5 size 1 dpns aren't currently living in my purse. No siree.)

Anyway, I've seen some really good-looking self-striping Jaywalkers around. Since I am the Last Knitter In The Blogosphere To Attempt Jaywalkers, I wandered over to MagKnits to find the pattern. And kicked myself.

See, when the new Knitty comes out, I immediately rush on over and drool over everything (explains my keyboard problems). But Knitty only comes out quarterly, and I'm usually getting pretty antsy for the new issue weeks before it is due out.

Magknits, on the other hand, is monthly! Sure they usually only have 5-6 patterns, but they are free! And MONTHLY. Like, 5-6 new free patterns every month! Amazing.

I'll be making sure to check Magknits every month from now on. Look what I found for October:

Beautiful. I wants one. (But not in self-striping ball o' mess.)


Fiber Chic said...

Don't worry about being the Last Knitter In The Blogosphere To Attempt Jaywalkers-as I haven't tried them yet either!

knitseashore said...

I just discovered that pattern last night on Magknits too. It's beautiful!