Monday, October 22, 2007

And the Skeen of Green Goes To...

The official entrants of the drawing were:

Best Scissors and Unofficial Marker of UFOctober were hoping for more entrants. Maybe next time.

Kenyetta (knitty kitty)

Unusually Heather (Gentle Sunset)


The name slips all folded and ready to go:

And the Skeen of Green goes to...


Yes, this prize drawing was a random draw, but it should be noted that Turtle has made excellent progress on her UFOs, completing 5 out of 8 UFOs so far this month. She's also working on a few of the 12 projects in her knit queue. Hopefully the Skeen of Green will help out with some of those projects! Congratulations, Turtle!

(and email me - haezoo at yahoo dot com - need your address to ship)

More Prizes

The next prize round was going to be more complex, but I think I'll keep it simple for this year. (Yes, I am already thinking about UFOctober 2008!)

Once UFOctober is officially over, I'll once again call for blog posts featuring your updated UFOctober progress list on your blog. I'll randomly draw another prize winner from those who post an entry and comment on the official post (not posted yet). The entry dates will most likely be November 1-3. (And there may be a twist involving photos, but don't worry about it yet.)

So, who wants sock yarn? (Who DOESN'T??!!)

The winner of the second drawing will receive their choice of two balls of Knit Picks Essential superwash sock yarn in WINNER'S CHOICE of color!

Not enough?

AND a $10 Gift Certificate to Knit Picks!

Yes, we all know Knit Picks is my favorite online yarn store. (They are not affiliated with the contest or with UFOctober, however.) No, I am not offering this prize just so I have an excuse to place an order there. Ok, maybe. But who cares? FREE YARN!


Kenyetta said...

Congrats Turtle! Can't wait for the second drawing. I saw the UFOctober 2008 blog, can't wait for it!

Fiber Chic said...

Whoops! That's what I get for not reading all of the posts I missed during the week!
I'm a little confused on the next contest-do we enter now, or do we enter at the end of the month (which is, I suppose, pretty soon!)

Turtle said...

Oh yeah! That yarn is going to be incorporated into a pair of hiking socks! Thank you so much! I had such good intentions today, i knew it would be slow at work so i took knitting with me...and then left to run around town with another girl from work killing time! Oh well, tomorow i'll have a good 2-3 hours more than likely at work! Thanks for holding this challenge to get my butt in gear!