Wednesday, October 17, 2007

O Progress, Where Art Thou?

Forgive me, knitters, for I have slipped.

I have cast on a new project that is not on my UFOctober exceptions list.


Once I knit the entire first cuff, I realized I was fooling myself - this was no swatch. (You all knew that already, didn't you?) It is, in fact, a Jaywalker, using the second batch of sock yarn I Kool-Aid dyed in case the Autumn Leaves/Great Pumpkin didn't work out. I can't decide if I like the colors or not, but it's dyed and it's knitted, so it's NOT getting frogged. I'm calling it the Four-Berry Trifle Jaywalker Sock. (FOtos on Friday, peeps!)

So, how is everyone's UFOctober going? Here in McFrogland, Decisions Have Been Made. Projects Shall Be Tossed. One of my UFOs is so disheartening that I am not even wasting time frogging it. More on that later. But mostly, if it weren't for mental progress, there wouldn't be any progress at all. bleh.

Let's see how our other players are doing, shall we?

Gentle Sunset is making good progress, reporting one complete, one almost complete, and one frogging.

Fiber Chic has completed another Super Secret UFO and is working on one of her exceptions.

Wanna see a beautiful Mystery Stole? Click on over to Amanda's blog; she is making great progress!

Knitterary is finally able to show off her Super Secret Project - go check out the cuteness. And let us have a moment of silence for that beautiful Jaywalker. In its passing, it has given me the peace to toss out my own (aforementioned) disheartening project. ***moment of silence***

Go give Knitty Kitty a big round of applause - she is getting lots done!

Go see KP's sock and share the love.

Turtle was making good progress, but she hasn't posted since the 7th. (Hmm, I wonder if she is hiding something like I was.)

I hope to have some real progress to show by Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you're not the only one who slipped. I will be posting about that later...