Thursday, October 18, 2007

Prize Drawing! UFOtoberers, Start Your Blogs

So we're about halfway through UFOctober; time for a prize drawing!!

If you are an offical participant in UFOctober (see sidebar), blog about your progess between now and midnight (your local time) Sunday, 10/21/07.

1. Blog entry must include your official list of UFOctober projects with progress notes by each item. You can do it like this one if you want. (To use the "cross-out" feature, use these tags = < del > and < /del >, no spaces.) We just need to see how much progress you are making. Or not making. It doesn't matter for this drawing (although it might later, so get going!).

2. Leave a comment ON THIS POST linking to your entry posting.

3. Drawing will be held on Monday, 10/22/07.

All UFOctober participants who do so will be entered to win the Skeen of Green:

Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool. Super-soft, 100% wool in "Seebreeze" (lighter than photo, sorry).

Breaks my heart, it does. And the LYS that sells it is closing at the end of the month. Sniff.

Also on Monday - More prize announcements!


Kenyetta said...

I'm first!

This is very motivating! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Not excellent progress, but some progress is better than no progress :)

Turtle said...

I have still been active with the WIP's as well!

Of course the to start list hs not grown shorter with the upcoming holidays, lol, but the wips are fading!