Friday, July 13, 2007

Angst and the Art of Flunking a Knit Along

How I am flunking the Tour de France Knit Along? Let me count the ways...

1. Sockapalooza - I committed to this project back in April, someone is actually counting on me for socks, so it is quite high priority. Socks are to be mailed August 2 (or is it 7 now?), so there are only 20 (or 27?) days left to finish that last sock.

2. Kids' classes - I committed to these back in May, so also prior to Tour de France. Each week I need to prepare both the lesson and a project sheet for the kids to take home. There are four girls plus my daughter signed up, so again, people are actually counting on me to get the prep done. In addition, I'd like to keep my teaching options open after this, so I'd better do a good job!

3. The progress thus far - I have the first portion of the market bag done, the first solid band at the top. Honestly? This was already done before I even signed up for the TdF KAL, so does it even count? Realize this: I have not worked on my so-called TdF KAL project since the TdF KAL project began one week ago.

4. This cold - Another goal of mine during the actual Tour, was to dig out a working bicycle from our trash heap of storage and ride it every day. I haven't blogged about this, which was probably better anyway, because it Has Not Happened. At all. I did go down to the shed and look at the bikes, but I don't think that quite counts. This cold is finally going away after two full weeks, and now I don't know when I'll have time to even go visit the bikes.

5. Work - I took the part time daytime job, so I just filled up two days a week there. Plus I haven't worked up the nerve to fully quit Major Retail Store. So I'm working two part-time jobs, plus the knitting classes, and oh yeah, I still have 3 kids and a husband, and...


Can you flunk a knit along?

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Meg said...

Don't worry, the TDFKAL organisers fully embrace the French attitude 'C'est la vie!' - that's life, sometimes it doesn't work out like you planned. Just make sure you take time to enjoy some pretty scenery or some nice fresh food and we'll consider it a success!