Friday, July 27, 2007

Foto Friday!

I'm going to try to get photos on the blog every Friday, at least until I get my software issues straightened out. (sounds like a personal problem to me!)

DIY Sock Blockers:

The top pair (blues) is for me; the bottom pair (pinks) is for my sock pal.

I pretty much followed the directions at Little Sesame Knits. Placemats are from Target. I traced my finished Sockapalooza socks onto cereal box cardboard to make the template, cut that shape out and traced it onto the placemats using a colored pencil. Cut it out with some sturdy scissors, et voila! (gotta get that French in there for TdF!)

My feet are just a touch smaller than hers, so I trimmed the template accordingly, then traced and cut for my set.

Worsted Weight Chevron Sock on DIY blocker:

Killing two birds with one stone, here. Demonstrating the sock blocker with the Fancy Chevron Lace Sock. The second sock is on the needles, just haven't had time to work on it.


Wooden Sock Blocker:

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about finding this at a yard sale for $2! I love that one of the former owners put their name on it: L. Mollot. Should I put my name on there as well?


More Steps on the Road to SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy):

But, oh, what a lovely road it is! This nummy worsted weight is Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill in East Jordan, Michigan. It is the softest 100% wool yarn I have ever felt, almost as soft as baby alpaca. The color is a beautiful heathered deep sea green (lighter than it's showing up here) called "Seebreeze." It may be a gift if I can bear to part with it.

Knit Picks Incident:
We can now confirm that, yes indeedy, there was a Knit Picks incident last week. At the top we have two skeins of Knit Picks Bare for more Kool-Aid dyeing. Left to right we have KP Essentials, all superwash sock yarn: Peacock, Cocoa, and Blue Violet Multi. I was almost disappointed to see the Blue Violet because it is exactly what I was going to try to dye! Oh well, I know I'll love it, and that leaves more color combos to explore with Kool-Aid!


Emma said...

LOVE the diy blockers. Those are too cute. And the yard sale find--that's awesome. You should definitely add your name!

Khadijha Caitlin said...

Oh I love those sock blockers. Too cute!