Monday, July 30, 2007

If ur innernets iz lolcated undr rox...

... you may not have heard about I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGR?, which hosts goofy captioned pictures of cats and other critters. But mostly cats. The occasional lolrus. Anyway. Of course, there is now a quiz to see Which Lolcat Are You? I took it. (Big surprise.) My results:

Your Score: 7331 Cat

47% Affectionate, 51% Excitable, 60% Hungry

Lolzergs have nothing on you. You are swift and ruthless, cutting down whatever and whomever necessary in order to obtain the foodz. As one of the first lolcat known to man, your ancient skills in location-declaration and object-verbing have been passed down several generations, keeping the spirit of felinity alive.

61% hungry? Yeah, that's about right.

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Fiber_Chic said...

Very funny and cute!!