Monday, April 23, 2007

Quick Update

I am still working on the second Stormy sock and hoping I have enough yarn. I made a pair of toddler-sized socks for Boy2 out of this yarn first, so I hope I didn't mess myself up. I had to frog/tink back the heel flap TWICE - you would think I hadn't made this sock already!

I could probably finish the shawl with one good TV night, but I won't get one until probably Thursday.

I've been looking through the Barbara Walker books. I requested all of them from my local library, and they can pull them from a library network that includes most of the libraries in Southeastern Michigan. Anyway, I found a few simple lace patterns I liked - I definitely want to try lace pattern socks soon. I would love to participate in the Barbara Walker Project, but, as usual, I lack both time and skills to take on another project right now.

I signed up for Sockapalooza 4 back in April. This is my very first KAL, and I am getty antsy for info on my secret sock pal! I have no clue how these work tho; I'm sure it takes some time to set up the whole thing, especially with 1,000 participants. I really want to dye my own yarn for it. I bought a skein of superwash Knit Picks Bare, and Meijer had Kool-Aid on sale last week, so I stocked up in preparation. Fear not, I plan to mix colors so the socks don't end up neon green. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) I hope my sock buddy likes stripes.

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