Saturday, April 21, 2007

Current Works in Frogress

Forgive the lack of photos. I hope to get some up soon.

Since it's so late that I keep dropping my dpns, of course it's a perfect time to post! Just thought I'd talk a little about the projects I have going right now.

Blue Cascade Socks (colorway 8030) - knitting these for Boy1. He seems to appreciate what I knit for him more than the other two kids do. So far, he's received a pair of slippers, two pairs of mittens, and two knee patches inspired by Kay's knee patch. This is my first pair of toe-up socks. I used a Figure 8 cast on, and, yes, I got that wonky gap at the tip of the toe. It's not too bad (only frogged it once!), so I am going to weave the cast-on end into the gap and call it done (when it is).

I-cord Snake - These are so fun & easy! The pattern is from the "Snake Charmer" version of this sweater. Simply omit the sweater, and - ta da! - cute little yarn snakes. Just to make things difficult, I am knitting it on size 9 (US) dpns in a stripe pattern of two colors of Kool-Aid yarn we dyed last winter with the big kids. He might end up felted; we see.

Moda Dea "Stormy" Socks - knitting for myself! My first socks ever were a pair of Stormys for Boy2, so cute, so stripey. He hated them. Oh well, I liked them and it was good practice for making socks. I'm using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's basic sock recipe from Knitting Rules, therefore, cuff-down. I have one done and am working on the heel flap for the second.

Recycled Navy Sweater - Last summer, I found a 100% merino wool sweater at a yard sale for 25 cents, completely frogged it, and started a sweater for my daughter for school. I made my own pattern based on Ann Budd's book (will link later). I'm on the sleeves, and I'm not sure if I'll have enough to finish! At least I am knitting the sleeves at the same time - we'll see how long that lasts, since I am using straight needles.

Cotton beaded shawl - Technically a stole, since it is rectangular. The yarn is from a Target knitting kit bought on clearance for 75% off! I love clearance! The beads are wooden, so the whole thing feels very organic. Again, my own design, size 15 needles and drop stitch faux lace.

3:00 am! Bed time!

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