Tuesday, September 25, 2007

UFOctober: Close Encounters of the Knitted Kind

Seen any UFOs lately? You know, those UnFinished Objects that have been hovering around your stash for far too long? Maybe you've even seen an alien or two - projects from so long ago you don't recognize them at first.

Let's get together and see if we can knock out a few of those UFOs during UFOctober! Write up a blog post of your list of UFOs to work on. Then leave me a note in the comments for THIS POST by October 6. I'll post a list of all the UFOctobers so we can visit each other and cheer each other on.

Rules? While I am restricting my self to only UFOs during October until they are done (with two exceptions, see below), just commit to at least working on some of those long-abandoned UFOs, and post about your progress once in a while.

Incentives, you say? PRIZES? Well, sure, why not. I'll think of something (and maybe some of you will contribute?)

Oh, and if any of the super-clever wish to make a button, well, the more buttons, the merrier, I say!

So here's my Close Encounters of the Knitted Kind:

Chevron Lace Socks - When I did the heel and gusset on the second sock, I followed the pattern as written. Apparently, I did not do this when I made the first sock, and I much prefer the first heel. The Plan: rip & reknit. (Not this one, this is the good one!)

Lily Pad Socks for Boy1 - Started the cuff for sock #2, then stalled. The Plan: finish already.

Purple sweater for Girl - this is so old, I didn't even put it on my WIP list until now. It's going to be tough figuring out where I left off, but it's a simple pattern, and I know a lot more now, so it might not be that bad. I think the front and back are done. The pattern calls for a hood, but I think I'll just make a simple collar. I just hope it still fits her. The Plan: find the pattern, figure out where the heck I am, and knit.

Recycled Navy Sweater - another one for Girl. Simple V-neck cardi based on Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. However, I love the look of wrap-front, ballet-style sweaters, and all the hassle of the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono did not diminish my love of the wrap-front sweater one bit. The Plan: Unclear. Continue as planned, or rip and renew as wrap-front vest?

Blue Cascade Socks for Boy1 - The Cascade Fixation is driving me nuts. The Plan: Frog when I get up the nerve.

Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono 1 & 2 - The yarn ran on #1. The Plan: gently wash and hope it can be salvaged, perhaps with some clever embroidery. If not salvageable, frog.

The sleeve seams are giving me fits on #2. The Plan: Figure it out or frog it.

The Exceptions:

The Jimmy Neutron sweater for Boy1 - I have blahhhhhhhged about this ad nauseum, the design is in my head, it really needs to get done, so we will call it "started," therefore, unfinished and qualifying for UFOctober! (Rationalization is a beautiful thing.)

I am allowed ONE ball-band dishcloth if the mood strikes. They knit up fast, and once I start thinking about color combos, I can't stop until I knit it. So I get to do one (and I hope that's enough).


michaele said...

Hey - I've actually spent this week finishing. It's a bit early for UFOctober, maybe, but can I count?
You can see the original post at http://theknittyprofessor.typepad.com/blog/2007/09/the-week-of-fin.html.

kitkatknit said...

UFOs oh yes I have them. Including 2 bodies and about 1 sleeve between them. Oldest will be celebrating her 16th birthday soon. A Kim Hargreaves (sp??) Fair Isle cardigan that just needs 2 sleeves and one front panel to get done.

knitseashore said...

You go girl!!! I finished Oceane this week (TdF KAL 2007) and am now down to one UFO, the nastiest of them all...unofficial TdF 2006 project...the picot camisole. I'm gritting my teeth, digging in, and am determined. Knitnight is tonight, and I'm ready.

Since I only have the one UFO, I'll be joining you unofficially. (Of course, this project has been so nasty it should count as three). You can do it!! I look forward to the next report!!

Kenyetta said...

This is perfect for me.

Turtle said...

I also started this project this week! I will post on my blog as well though. Love the idea!

Elspeth said...

I'll do it this weekend. I have been working on UFOs (or thinking about it) but haven't photographed them in about 6 mos. Thanks for the encouragement!

Knitterary said...

I'm in. I blogged about it tonight. Great idea!

Amanda said...

This is exactly what I need to get my act in gear. Thanks for the motivation and here's a link to the relevant post of "goals".


Anonymous said...

Late to the game, but I am needing this!