Tuesday, April 21, 2009

French Girl Update

Here are the two projects I had trouble with:

On Louisa (lace tunic, page 129), my gauge was too loose. And apparenty I forgot how to count to 9. I scratched trying to do a gauge swatch and just started the sleeve as per the directions. Guess what? The sleeve fits great on the proper needles, so I'm going with the directions as written and adjust as needed. That's the beauty of knitting in the round from the bottom up - you can adjust as you go. At least I hope so!

On Niobe (lace bell-sleeve pullover, page 85), my gauge was too tight. Haven't figured out a solution to that, but now that Louisa seems to be working, I'll figure this one out later.

Yarn for Louisa - Araucania Nature Wool Chunky in color #127 (dark blue-green).


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stineway said...

I want to make the Niobe sweater but am also having trouble with the measurements - they don't compute. 90 stitches will not make 15 1/2" (half the actual circ) in 2.5 spi; it makes 12 1/2". Have you finished this project and how did it work out? Any words of wisdom?