Monday, May 5, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Ok, you're ALL winners to me! But, sadly, I cannot afford organic cotton for all of you. The Random Number Generator decided that the Random Last-Minute Belated Blogiversary/Earth Day Contest prize goes to Becky!

Becky, I sent you an email! Thank you to everyone who played along. The earth thanks you too!

In other news, no FOs last week, but we do have a WIP. Here is the sock I am working on.


The yarn is Knit Picks Essential in Blue Violet Multi. Taking the photo after sundown, which means the color is Not Right. It looks much better in real life.

Basic top-down construction on dpns. I was going to do a pair of plain socks but I got bored by the end of the ribbing and wanted at least a simple pattern to stave off ongoing boredom. It's a simple 9 stitch repeat as follows: ssk, yo, k5, yo, k2tog. Repeat for one round, then do a plain round.

You could probably do this with any number of stitches in your repeat. Just subtract 4 from your repeat number for the yos and decrease stitches, then knit the result as your plain stitches in the middle. Clear as mud? Here's an example with a 12-stitch repeat - ssk, yo, k8, yo, k2tog.

I know a lot of knitbloggers don't like flashing/pooling, but I actually like this. It's enough where it just looks like stripes to me, and I like how it breaks up around the heel/ankle. I am a little nervous about how it's blobbing up on the instep, but hoping it will work out. Trust the yarn.

Yes, I said I was working on 2-at-a-time on one really long circular. I am, but these are not those socks (duh). Trust me, you do NOT want to see those yet.


Becky said...

Wow! Thanks so much! I am looking forward to trying organic cotton. :)

Turtle said...

The sock looks great! Congrats Becky!

Anonymous said...

I am one who usually loves pooling. It keeps me entertained to see the blobs appear while I am knitting.

The sock looks awesome!