Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Bad When You Forget Your Own...

Happy Belated Blogiversary to...


4/18/07 - first post.

Random Last-Minute Belated Blogiversary/Earth Day Contest - Leave a comment on THIS POST including...

1. One change you have made in the past year to tread a little lighter on the Earth
2. Your favorite color(s)

by April 30 to win an "Organic Nettie Kit" (enough organic cotton yarn to make a Nettie bag). Open to US and Canadian residents. (I just don't trust the mails any farther than that!) Winner will be chosen at random on May 1.


Chris said...

Happy blogiversary!! Do you mind if I post about this tomorrow? :)

1. I am working much more diligently to remember to take bags to the store with me. I have small a "stuff sack" bag in my purse, plus bags for groceries in the car.

2. Black and deep purple. :)

pigbook1 said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I have planted a garden, started a compost pile and forced...erm, encouraged my husband to recycle. I am still working on the bring bags to grocerystore bit, but hopefully that will take effect soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy blogiversary!

1. Like Chris, I've started carrying cloth bags to the grocery store. I've also made a conscious effort to take shorter showers.

2. Hmm...purple, pink, blue...anything deep and vivid. Or rich earth tones. Just not pastels.

Jenn said...

Happy blogiversary!

1. I have started using the fabric bags. Does nagging my husband to build me a worm habitat so that worms can eat my trash count? (Hopefully i will have a better answer next year!)

2. Green

Jenn said...

Happy blogiversary!

1. I have started using the fabric bags. Does nagging my husband to build me a worm habitat so that worms can eat my trash count? (Hopefully i will have a better answer next year!)

2. Green

Traceyleezle said...

The store where we buy our produce always packages it in styrofoam trays, rather than just throwing them away, I wash them and reuse them for all kinds of great stuff. The ones with the lettuce make great "plates", we use them for dishes and bowls when we are camping, we use them for when my daughter and I paint too.

Lime green and pink.

Jennifer said...

Happy Blogiversary!

1. We changed all the light bulbs in our home to energy saving ones, try to use reusable bags when we shop, and lowered the thermostat on our water heater.

2) Purples, blues, and greens.

Great idea for a contest!

Bunny Queen said...

Happy Blogiversary!

In the past year I, too, have started using fabric bags at stores. In addition to the benefit to the earth, I think it's fun to see the look on the faces of the Target staff when you hand the the canvas bag. :) We also got rid of one car (well, it died, but we didn't replace it) which makes us think more about when and where we drive and, consequently, we drive less.

Favorite colors - jewel tones, especially teals and purples.

Diane said...

Happy blogiversary!

I went back to doing only full loads of laundry. As my kids got older and there was less laundry I started doing a lot of partial loads. Now only full loads to save energy.

Fav colors are blues and greens.

Turtle said...

happy belated blogiversary!!

1. aside from changing the lightbulbs out we have gone almost all organic and also chosen all natural household cleaners and yard maintenance items.
2. Must i choose between green and purple??

I hope spring has found you!

Olga said...

Happy happy blog day to you!
1. I try to buy things with little or no packageing, to cut down on throw away stuff.

2. greens

ikkinlala said...

Happy (belated) blogiversary!

1) I've started fixing even more of my things rather than getting new things. I've always liked to repair things, but I've never been obsessive enough about it to sew up the holes in my shoes before.

2) Blue.

Shrinky Inky said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

1. We exclusively use our own bags at all the stores we shop at, including department/specialty stores. Changed light bulbs to energy saving ones. Bought a timer for the shower to help us reduce water waste. Lowered the thermostat this winter and the water heater temp. Plan all car drives for chores to include as many as possible on on trip to save on gas since we live far from everything.

2. I love black and purple and pink and any variation thereof.

Great contest!

5elementknitr said...

I'm a recycler. I have 2 enormous 48 gallon trash cans and one smaller 38 gallon one.

Our recycling truck comes every 2 weeks and when they do, my 2 big cans are for them and my smaller one is the rest of the trash. Makes my husband crazy!

Also, we've taught our kids not to let the water run when they're brushing their teeth.

Colors, hmmmm, lately I've been really attracted to chocolate brown and robin's egg blue combo's.

trek said...

Happy Blog-Day!

1. I hooked two string bags and knit a third one!

2. Blue, blue, and blue.

knitnzu said...

Happy blogiversary! 1. like many others, trying to be better about bringing my own bags to the store (we also switched out at least half of the lights-mostly the most used- to compact flourescents) 2. earthy colors (olives, greens, ochrey yellows, oranges, deep reds, rich browns) but I love to look at sea colors too (deep blues/greens) and a splash of deep pink now and then is good too...

Bridget said...

I have been able to begin recycling glass and plastics, besides just paper and aluminum, because now we have someplace to take them that we can walk to, thereby not needing to drive a car ...

My favorite colors are green and blue.

Happy Blogiversary!

allergicmom said...

1. We have a bunch of bags for grocery shopping, and we recycle everything possible. The biggest change I've done this year is to bring clean containers to the food fair when I go there for lunch -- I've saved TONS of takeout containers this year.

2. Purples, blues, reds

Becky said...

Happy Belated Earth Day and Blogiversary!

I have started using my local this past year. People post what they want to give away or what they are looking for -- and it all finds a new home that is not the county dump! I tend to post things that are looking for a new home most of the time.

My favorite color is red.

Shiva said...

In the past year I have started taking my own bags to the store.

I also am beginning a garden (community plot) and have begun a compost pile.

Favorite color? Deep, dark, rich, purple!