Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sending a general shout out to see if anyone can link me to this pattern...

It's for a shawl, I'm pretty sure it's rectangular. I'm pretty sure whoever wrote it knit it for a friend with cancer (or maybe the blog where I read about it knit it for a friend with cancer.) It is NOT called "Cherry Blossom Shawl", but the pattern is supposed to represent cherry blossoms. Maybe someone from Washington, DC?

I'm pretty sure it was a free pattern, but it may not be. I definitely saw it online.

Also, it is an asymmetrical pattern - it changes as you knit from one end to the other.

Apparently I didn't bookmark it either of the two times I saw it (and thought "beautiful, but too hard"); now I want it and can't find it. ::pout::

P.S. I wrapped! I turned! It wasn't that bad!


Andi said...

You're thinking of hanami:

heather t said...

You're right! Thank you so much!!